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Welcome to Health Basics

Our primary goal is to assist clients in achieving the highest degree of health possible for themselves and their families. Drawing upon up-to-date scientific findings as well as forgotten but highly valuable knowledge – which includes old-fashioned methods of food preparation – we enjoy helping others to use natural ways to support their health and avoid illness and disease.

Health Basics Gluten & Casein Assist™
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Health Basics Gluten & Casein Assit contains plant enzymes with high DPP-IV activity hydrolyze casein, gluten, and other small peptides. A high-potency, proprietary blend of plant-derived enzymes is specifically formulated to assist in breaking down the fullest range of plant and animal proteins, including casein (milk and dairy products), gluten (wheat, rye, oats, barley, and other grains), and soy proteins.

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About Health Basics
We need to Understand the BASICS of Body Functioning and the BASICS of Health-Supporting Food in order to Achieve BASIC Good Health
Andrea Stevens, M.S., C.N.S., C.M.T.A. Clinical Nutritionist
Based upon our philosophy of using whole, natural, unadulterated food and developing & maintaining a healthy digestive system (top to bottom, literally), we offer a variety of services and nutritional supplements that can help clients achieve optimal health for themselves and their families. Consultations for individuals or families are done via Skype or telephone. Presentations are offered for small or large groups – lay persons or healthcare professionals. Our online store offers a variety of carefully researched and selected nutritional supplements. Our blog frequently has new articles posted on a variety of healthcare issues – food related and others. New recipes (truly nourishing and tasty) are also added to the recipe section of our blog on a frequent basis. I travel internationally throughout the year. Checking my calendar will show you the countries that I will be visiting. I offer flexibility in scheduling consultations, based on differing time zones. Consultations and presentations are done in English, but translation services can be arranged if necessary.
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Nutrition and Detoxification by Andrea Stevens, CNS

What our clients say:
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Jeanne, mother of 14 year old daughter with ADD – PA:

“When we first spoke with you, six weeks seemed an interminable amount of time to give up dairy and gluten. Well, here we are, and it has gone by so quickly!!! I am astounded by the changes in Katherine. Mostly, I notice the changes in her mood and energy level. I went from walking on eggshells around her, to her being so much more cooperative and happy. The underlying irritability has gone. I still can’t bring up controversial topics right before breakfast or dinner, but her own self awareness when she did have gluten (only three times during the six weeks) of her crankiness caused her to say, “I’m not cheating again… boy, do I feel awful.” The comments that came home on her mid-trimester reports were like those from a differrent child. Gone were the “distracted; lack of focus; turns things in late; chatty” comments and instead were high praises for her new dedication for her school work. Can this really all be from her diet???? Wow.”

Geneva, mother of 15 month old girl with seizures and constipation – VA:

“Anna Therese is doing great since she and I changed our diets per your instruction. It’s amazing! She has no more problems with constipation at all. She’s also sleeping much better too. AND she has had no seizures for a month now. So, WOW. Thanks so much for all the information about nutrition.”

Maria, mother of a 3 year old boy with developmental delays and feeding problems – Denmark:

“He started up on the nutrition program 3 weeks ago and for the first time ever, Samuel has started to eat really big potions for all 4 meals and also eats a snack normally tiwce a day. He has now started to let us know when he is hungry – he never did that before. Last but not least, he has gained weight for the first time in half a year.”

Vanessa, mother of 15 month old boy with GERD – PA:

“Andrea Stevens has been an enormous help to me and my 15 month old son, Matteo, who was diagnosed with GERD (acid reflux) at 10 months of age. Matteo was in a great deal of pain and discomfort from gas and burping. Our doctor recommended Zantac which we used to help with the pain. As a holistically minded family, this was not the way we wanted to help our son. So we called Andrea who was diligent in helping us identify the underlying cause of the GERD, the fact that I (a nursing mother) was not properly digesting my food which affected how the nutrients went into my son’s body. Andrea tailored our diets to our specific needs and has been helping us ongoingly to create a gameplan for both of us to introduce new foods slowly to test for reactions. Andrea has been very supportive and responsive throughout this process. While our primary care physician thought some of our son’s symptoms were behavioral problems which we knew not to be the case, it was reassuring to have Andrea support our theory that his problems were digestive in nature. We have had some ups and downs on our road to recovery as our bodies eliminated toxins and healed. But with Andrea’s diligence and our persistence, we have been able to take Matteo off of Zantac. He no longer has pain or discomfort. I am also feeling significantly better with more energy than I had before we started on our journey towards excellent health. We would not have been able to heal our digestive systems without medications if it hadn’t been for Andrea’s expertise, diligence, and support.”

Amy, mother of 6 year old boy with ADD – PA:

“My son and I were on a long journey seeking to find a cure to the symptoms we were both experiencing. Near the end of that journey, we learned that our symptoms that seemed unrelated were in fact related to their trigger – food! Through homeopathic treatment and nutritional counseling my son went from a boy being labeled as “having moderate to severe ADD” and being “unteachable” in Kindergarten to several months later being viewed as a “high academic achiever” by his first grade teacher and exhibiting none of his previous symptoms. As his mother and in managing my own care, I see the direct effect our diet has on us. Andrea Stevens has been a terrific guide and coach in helping my son and I reach the end of our journey as we are now symptom free!”

Alicia, mother of 18 month old girl with seizure disorder – CO:

“Cora is doing great! Her myoclonic seizures have been steadily decreasing over the past few weeks! She used to have upwards of 60-80 per day and yesterday I saw approximately 10!!! It is soo awesome!”

Coleen, mother of a 12 year-old son with behavior and learning problems – PA:

“Steven is doing very well. He has gained about 3 inches in height as well as about 10 pounds in weight since he has been on the new diet. His behavior has gotten much better. He went to overnight camp for a week at the end of July and even the camp was telling us how much his behavior has changed for the better (he has been going there since he was 18 months old for family camp and since he was 8 for over night camp). He even followed his diet while he was there without Jim and I overseeing it. Jim and I are doing well. Since we started the diet with Steven we have both lost over 15 pounds each (yay) and my reflux and irritable bowel diseases have become much less of an issue. Steven told me that he likes the way he feels now compared to how he felt when he was taking the medications. We also had an IEP meeting with Steven’s teachers at the Middle School he started in this year. The “case worker” was at his IEP meeting in April and was given backround on Steven and his behavioral issues. When we met with them on the 12th they informed us that they are not seeing any of the behaviors in Steven that they were told to keep an eye out for (yay). When they asked if we had changed/ increased his medications and we told them he was off of them they were shocked.”

Liz, mother of a 2 year old boy with bowel problems and frequent illnesses – Hong Kong:

“Toby is doing very well, he has been having good poo poo at least once a day (sometimes up to 3 times) and has no constipation/diarrhea. Instead of having to visit the doctor so often (once a week) with ailments like colds, fever, etc., Toby only saw the doctor once since he last saw you (touchwood!). He has stopped complaining about itchiness, stops rubbing his eyes,nose and ears and his breathing has significantly improved.”

Lila, mother of a 14 year old girl with reflux, food sensitivities and Tourette Syndrome – NJ:

“Very good news – she is feeling much better, the loose bowel movements and abdominal cramps went away practically as soon as she started the diet and supplement program, and her heartburn is gone as well. And today, one week from starting the program, it seems that her tics have subsided by 80-85% (my guess….her guess is 70-75%)!”

Susan, mother of a 13 month-old boy with food sensitivities – CT:

“Thank you again for… a very informative consultation. Hopefully I’ll be able to get Gregory back on track quickly.”

Paola, mother of 3 year old boy with constipation and developmental delays – Mexico:

“We began the program on January 30th and by February 3rd, Ricardo had more evacuations. On February 5th Ricardo had a regular checkup. The pediatrician noticed that his intestines were not swollen anymore. This last Friday, his preschool teacher told me that he is participating more in class, and he is playing more with his classmates. He started to taking the supplements on febrery 13. We notice a change in his atitude, he is speaking more, and he understand when I ask for something. Thank you for everything!!!”

Theresa, mother of a 4 year old boy with ASD – PA:

“We are so thankful that there are people like Andi in this profession. Our son has blossomed in just the 5 weeks we have been working with her. He has gone from a child who would only eat almond butter sandwiches & french fries, to a kid who can’t get enough broccoli, collard greens, turkey and chicken. His attention span has improved, he is much more present and aware and his language expands with each passing day. Andi is not only knowledgable, but has been extremely encouraging and supportive throughout this seemingly daunting process.”

Tina, mother of an 8 year old boy with autism – PA:

“This diet is really working!.. My child’s gut is totally healed and he is really recovering from this. …I clearly see that we mothers have to work harder with diet, nontoxic houses and going back to nature. It’s the only way. That is what our children want us to do!”

Dina, 33 – NJ:

“I’ve had digestive issues and food allergies for the past 8 years or so. When I listen to Andi’s advice, I feel great. When I don’t listen, I feel lousy! Every consultation I have with her leaves me feeling encouraged and empowered about my diet and my overall health. She’s always been right on the mark and I look forward to learning more and more from her as time goes on. It’s not always an easy road, but her support and nifty tips are a HUGE help to someone who needs to spend hours in the kitchen to save myself hours in the bathroom! Andi Stevens is truly my savior and my hope for a hearty and healty life ahead!”

Nancy, 53 – NJ:

“I experimented with going off Prilosec about five days into the program, and have been off it since. This is the first time that I am off acid-blocking meds in the last five years! I am also down seven pounds since starting the program/regime, and have noticed remarkably fewer body aches and pains.”

Molly, 26 – NJ:

“You were a wonderful source of information, support and friendship through this whole thing. Many times I felt you were truly saving me. I can’t thank you enough.”

Joan, 52 – NJ:

“I’ve only begun to incorporate your recommendations, but they are already working! The results: – increased energy level like I haven’t felt in years! Calm, steady energy – not a sugar high. – reduced craving for sweets I thought I was ‘up’ on nutrition, but I was not familiar with many of the concepts you discussed… nothing speaks the truth like results. I can almost feel my body ‘thanking’ me.”

Danny, 46 – NJ:

“Perhaps it’s in my head but I do feel better already. My energy is up, my desire to eat is much less, no more stomach problems, and I seem to be thinking more clearly. All of this is such a big plus for me. It gives me confidence that I can go all day without a nap, something I could not do before. I just feel like doing things again. Thank you so much!”

Janet, 53 – NJ:

“You [have] wonderful messages, which you share so passionately and generously. I’m sure you have helped many people to learn a lifestyle which has had tremendous rewards physically and emotionally. You truly care, are a wonderful listener and adviser, and have a style that is comforting and offers a great deal of hope. My fatigue is already so much improved and after years of literally suffering with this as an illness in itself, this is remarkable and the days are easier to get through… I admire your passion for and knowledge of the field you have chosen.”

Carol, 58 – NJ:

“I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Phyllis, 60 – PA:

“Have so much more energy and am really enjoying the way foods taste with the recommended products. …Everything tastes terrific. I’m never hungry and I have no sweet cravings. I have lost 3.5 pounds as of this morning [6 days after beginning the program]… But what I really care more about is feeling so light and energetic.”

Debbie, 49 – NJ:

“Your warmth, compassion and expertise in nutrition and lifestyle counseling have helped me so very, very much! I really looked forward to meeting with you.”

Marie, 54 – NJ:

“Your nutrition counseling is very good… You put the patient at ease and make it easy to understand the changes necessary to maintain one’s health. It’s a pleasure to work with you on my health problems.”

Hal, 41 – PA:

“Am doing much, much better. Thank you. I started feeling better just a few days after our last consultation. Seems like I have more energy.”

Kathleen, 36 – PA:

“As a healthy 36 year old, I knew that my low energy levels, IBS, and weight gain were not normal. Andrea suggested a few adjustments to my food choices and preparation. I followed her advice to the letter and four weeks later I am feeling FABULOUS! I have a tremendous amount of energy, my mood has improved, I have no more cramping and bloating and I’ve lost weight, as well. My new lifestyle is very satisfying!”

Matt, 20 – Riga, Latvia:

“HUGE thanks to you! I was fighting with my headaches for a long time and medicine helped only for a short time, but now, while following your suggestions with food, I, actually, don’t need any pills! Four months later I still never get a headache. Thank you, very very much!”

Lois, 57 – NJ:

“I want you to know in this little time [less than one week] I can see a change in myself. My energy has increased and some of the swelling in my hands and feet has decreased.”

Shannon, 32 – PA:

“When someone is so sick and searching they often are unsure where to turn and often have lost touch with their self confidence in pursuing something new, especially if they have been bounced around for a long time with no outcome, just more confusion and frustration. …I am just glad I listened to myself despite adversity and numerous expert opinions. I am glad I listened to my little voice within to look into nutritionists, to contact you, and to have the strength and faith in this process, to ask a lot of questions, instead of wandering around health food stores hoping I would stumble upon the solution myself… I am just thankful you had faith in me and could see routes and possibilities to heal. I remember you saying clearly ‘give it 3 months, that is my rule of thumb for anything, if it does not work in 3 months then reassess it and go from there’, you were admitting everything does not work for everyone and you were putting responsibility of choice in my hands.”

Anna, 55 – NJ:

“It’s one year this week that I started the Body Ecology Diet. I sure do feel better than I did a year ago.”

Chris, 48 – DE:

“…the guidance you’ve given me has been very beneficial and is leading me into the right direction. The program is very effective in that now I can eat such foods like steak and even small amounts of raw goat cheese which I had problems with in the past.”

Jane, 50 – NJ:

“I began the diet yesterday and for the first time in 6 years woke up feeling wonderful.”

Pam, 43 – NJ:

“I am doing great on the diet… I am sleeping better than in years… So glad you convinced me to do this! I’m getting skinny too!”

Teri, 21 – FL:

“I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met Andrea. Never have I met a more attentive, compassionate, and skilled nutritionist. It was because of her specialized care and guidance that I was able to learn the tools I needed to finally feel healthy again. (And I mean every word of that)”

Nancy, 58 – NJ:

“Whatever your health problems, Andi can help. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body’s inner ecosystem. In just 4 months my energy level went from practically non-existent to high. In just 4 months I feel great and have lost 37 lbs without even trying.”

Julie, 42 – MD:

“Andi is FANTASTIC!!! She worked with me for about 6 months, and I must say that I have never looked or felt better in my entire life! I have never received so many compliments from friends and family either. I had been having a series of health issues including headaches nearly every day for 2 years and daily indigestion. I had messed up my stomach due to the Extra Strength Excederine and Tylenol I was always taking, and was taking Nexium for the indigestion. I now very rarely have headaches or indigestion. I no longer take the Nexium and may get one headache a month, if that. It is absolutely unbelievable! Not to mention the added and unexpected bonus of weight loss, healthy skin and healthy hair. My hair had been falling out for about a year and was really thin… I have an abundance of energy, and according to friends and family, I look great… Andi took a lot of time with me and was always very patient. She is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain why she wanted me to eat or not eat a specific food or take a specific supplement. She is wonderful and I cannot say enough about how appreciative I am.”

Laura, 42 – NJ:

“I, along with everyone else in my building, was exposed to two different types of toxins that had gotten into our air system. We were bombarded by these toxins and were breathing them in for roughly 4 hours before we were told to evacuate the building. People all around me had reactions to the toxins ranging from headaches, and nausea, to upset stomachs. I’m thrilled to say that I did NOT have any reactions at all! I felt fine throughout the whole ordeal and did not feel sick. I could not have said that 2 1/2 years ago when I first started working with you! It is because of your help Andi, and your knowledge of the inner ecosystem, that I am now enjoying good health for the very first time in my life. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me!”

Meghan, 27 – PA:

“I totally committed to the eating plan [the Body Ecology Diet] for the past 7 weeks. Overall, I have had fabulous results… more energy, clear thinking, decreased cravings, less itchy skin while exercising, healthier vagina and sex life, significantly less mucus in my throat and nose, etc., etc.”

Tom, 23 – PA:

“This cleanse helps me a lot, I feel physically a lot better than before. I’m looking forward to the next 1 1/2 weeks [remainder of a 3 week cleanse program].

Kathleen, 37 – PA:

“I’m committed to doing the detoxifying cleanse once every 6 months. I’ve completed 2 cleanses so far. I am looking forward to doing it again in September. It’s a great energizing experience. I’m looking forward to feeling the rush of energy that the cleanse gives me. I’m also very aware of the good it does for my body. It’s like a rejuvenating vacation for my body! Thanks for introducing me to the process!”

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