About Us

Health Basics was founded by Andrea Stevens in 2002 with the mission of helping ​clients to achieve their health goals ​in a ​natural and noninvasive​​ manner.

Andrea’s work consists of two parts; the first is a clinical practice as a certified ​nutritionist specializing in digestive system dysfunction​ and​​ the gut-brain connection​. She also serves as the nutritional consultant for The Family Hope Center ​based ​in Norristown, PA. The Family Hope Center is an international organization that helps children with brain and neurological problems, most of whom also have underlying ​gastro-intestinal​ dysfunction. The second half of her work is in education. She is a frequent speaker and presenter at health care conferences, in corporate and educational settings, and for groups and organizations interested in learning more about natural ways to attain and maintain optimal health.

Health Basics also provides a variety of nutritional supplements and other health related products in our online store.

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