Burping: what does it mean?

A local mom of a cute 7 year old boy, who has had some digestive and detoxification problems, recently sent me the following email:

“I was talking with some of the Moms about our kids’ eating habits, and burping came up (oddly enough – probably because little boys can be so gross). But, I remember you talking about it as well – that it might be a digestive problem. Everything I see online says it’s air…is there more to it than that?”

BurpingHere is my reply to her… for those of you who might sit around wondering about the greater significance of burping (or belching as it is sometime known).

“Burping is, probably, most commonly air. If someone eats or drinks quickly, talks a lot when eating, has weak muscular control of the throat and poor swallowing ability – excessive air is likely to be taken in and an air bubble forms that someone may intentionally or unintentionally burp up. Sometimes, the air just dissolves and passes down. However, if burping or belching is excessive and/or new (especially in an adult), it can be the result of the body having difficulty digesting the food. Again, in an adult, it frequently is a sign that the body might need more HCl (hydrochloric acid, produced in the stomach and necessary for protein digestion).”

Taking supplemental HCl and/or digestive enzymes – as well as eliminating certain foods – can be very helpful. Ignored and untreated, it can lead to further digestive, and even systemic, problems.

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