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More resources on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Pennsylvania and across the nation

If you are following this environmental disaster in the making here are a few more resources for you:

Joe Norley, a West Chester resident and political activist, is covering the issue from a more local perspective as it relates to Pennsylvania and Chester County residents on his blog, Know Joe.

Damascus Citizens – a grassroots citizens group seeking to protect the upper Delaware basin watershed from “fracking.”

– a list of articles in the media on “fracking” mainly focused on New York State.

Calvin Tillman’s Blog – Calvin is mayor of Dish, Texas, a small town suffering significant environmental damage from natural gas drilling, pipelines and compressor stations.  He was interviewed in the movie “Gasland.”

Sharon Burns maintains two blogs about the gas drilling taking place on her ranch, Rancho Los Malulos and The Polyline Lawsuit, a blog specifically covering the frivolous lawsuit Exxon Mobile and other drilling companies brought against her to quiet her.

Last but not least, all of my own articles to date on the topic of  “fracking.”

2 shocking videos on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”)

See also: Bluedaze Blog on oil and gas drilling in Texas.

28 cattle quarantined in Pennsylvania due to fracking contamination

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture recently announced its first livestock quarantine
related to pollution from hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”), a method of natural gas drilling. This occurred on a family-owned farm, in north-central Pennsylvania, that sits atop the Marcellus Shale, a layer of rock that covers vast areas of PA, New York state, West Virginia and Ohio. This rock formation has been found to be rich in natural gas deposits.

Fracking is a technique that has been in use in western states to drill for natural gas. More recently, it has been introduced to eastern states. Fracking has brought the west “polluted wastewater problems, large scale habitat disturbance, methane leaks from pipelines, and potentially serious health impacts that come along with the use of toxic chemicals in hydraulic fracturing.”

I’ve recently heard personally from 2 people who live in Texas and report that health problems due to natural gas drilling do indeed seem to be increasing – at least partly due to air pollution in areas where there is a proliferation of gas wells.

The incident in Pennsylvania isn’t the first report of farm animals being affected by fracking.  As reported more than a year ago, 16 cattle died in Louisiana after drinking a mysterious fluid next to a drilling rig.

Although the quarantined cattle in Pennsylvania currently appear to be “happy, contented and fat” according to the owners of the farm, do you want to eat cows that have been dining on fields covered in benzene and diesel fuel?

Hydraulic Fracturing: a natural gas drilling technique that appears to be resulting in extremely polluted and flammable water in homes and creeks!

There was recently an HBO documentary on this specific method of drilling for natural gas that is on the rise in many states.  It is believed that natural gas is migrating into the local water supply, as a result of this particular method, in many locations throughout Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, and other states.

Video footage is shown of water coming out of kitchen faucets and in local creeks actually being set afire!  65% of Pennsylvania and 50% of New York State is thought to contain a rich supply of natural gas in a formation that is particularly amenable to this specific technique of removal.

Critics say that 596 different chemicals, plus water under very high pressure, are being used to extract the gas.  Besides resulting in flammable water in several locations, most of these 596 chemicals are left in the ground to seep into our water supply and contaminate the soil.

Because of legislation passed in 2005, the natural gas drilling industry is exempt from specific federal laws that protect our environment and our health, the film claims.  Specifically: the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Superfund Law (about which I have written previously).

Gasland is the name of the documentary by Josh Fox.  Spokesmen for the natural gas drilling industry have offered rebuttal to the viewpoint offered in the documentary, but it doesn’t seem very convincing to many who have listened to both sides.  

See: The Gasland Movie Website, Josh Fox on the Daily Show demonstrating “flammable water” & The Gas Companies’ Rebuttal